How to Play Ashe Like a Pro

27 Jan

Ashe saw a constant growth in popularity throughout the LEC Summer Season 2020, along with the Frost Archer is currently the highest contested marksman pick at the World Championship 2020. Why would our teams have such a high priority on Ashe Build recently? Let's have a look.

Abilities on Ashe

Ashe's passive, Frost Shot, allows her fundamental attacks to impede their goal. Ashe's basic attacks constantly critically strike, but just deal extra damage according to her critical strike chance, and also double Frost Shot's slow strength. This leaves Ashe Build a kiting monster who becomes even more powerful after she is able to hit multiple enemies with Frost Shot through Runaan's Hurricane.

After assaulting winners or minions four times, Ashe can activate her Q, Ranger's Focus. Ranger's Focus gives Ashe bonus attack speed and shoots a flurry of arrows using every simple attack. Each arrow in the flurry activates Frost Shot, coping its incentive damage and slowing enemies. Ranger's Focus assists Ashe in coping a lot of harm in both skirmishes and total scale conflicts later on into the game.

Volley enables Ashe build to catch opponents with Frost Shot in a longer distance than usual. This helps her to kite multiple opponents, or even to catch up to them. Volley is an incredible ancient game tool that helps to dictate the outcome of the lane, as a result of its poke and pick potential. Landing Volley about the opposing marksman or support can lead to them being out of place, and can end at a free kill for Ashe and her team.

Hawkshot is an incredibly strong tool for competitive play, and is among the biggest causes of Ashe's prominence. Hawkshot can reveal where the opposing group is on the map. Having knowledge of the place where the enemy group's jungler is on the map is very possibly the most essential information a staff can get. You will see the likes of G2 Esports and MAD Lions abuse this knowledge a great deal in order to acquire advantages elsewhere, in which the enemy jungle can't respond.

Ashe's greatest is Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This is a international stun that's usually used to engage conflicts. The most crucial thing to know about Enchanted Crystal Arrow is the stun duration increases according to distance travelled. It follows that a long ranged arrow can potentially stun someone for almost four seconds. That's an incredibly long amount of time in League of Legends, and is almost always long enough to spell the demise of whoever is struck.

Luka"Perkz" Perkovic, famous for being one of the very best Ashe Build players in the West, will almost always manage to land a clutch arrow to make a huge selection opportunity for his team, which may often lead to enormous advantages and even wins.

Anyone who had been watching ace League of Legends at the time will recall this iconic moment in the 2016 World Championship, where ROX Tigers' Kim"PraY" Jong-in snipes SK Telecom T1's Lee"Duke" Ho-seong with an across-the-map Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stop his teleport and win the game for his team. Needless to say, Ashe is deadly in the right hands.

Skill Max Order on Ashe

During the LEC Summer Playoffs 2020, Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság managed to pick up a win against G2 on Ashe. Let's look at what his skill order was for that game.

He started off by maxing his W, Volley. This is for stronger lane presence and kiting potential. Volley also has the most use early on, as it has no conditionals that have to be met like Hunter's Focus has. Hunter's Focus is maxed second, as it scales well later into the game once some items are completed. It grants Ashe most of her damage in team fights, especially once she has Runaan's Hurricane.

Hawkshot is left for last, as it has no real benefits from extra points, and the combat effectiveness from the other two abilities are much more important. Enchanted Crystal Arrow gets points at level 6, 11, and 16.

Best Ashe Runes

Perkz and Carzzy will always choose Lethal Tempo as their keystone rune. It gives Ashe a nice ramp up in team fights, right around when Ranger's Focus can be activated. This allows her to put out more damage in that time window.

Ashe Runes

There are some slight changes when it comes to minor runes on Ashe Build. These usually change depending on what the core first item will be. Overheal is almost always the first minor rune taken, and is then followed up by either Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Bloodline. The final rune in the precision tree is Cut Down. They follow up with the Inspiration tree, taking Approach Velocity and either Biscuit Delivery or Magical Footwear.

Latest Ashe Item Build

Ashe players will often change their core first item depending on the team comps. If Ashe has to deal more damage due to the enemy having a lot of tanks, players will go for Blade of the Ruined King, and if she wants to be more utility focused players can pick up an Essence Reaver. We'll take a look at how Perkz built Ashe in his game against Team Liquid during their Group Stage win at Worlds 2021.

Perkz starts off with a Doran's Blade and Health Potion for the laning phase. On his early recalls, he picks up a B. F. Sword and Berserker Greaves. He goes for an Essence Reaver as his first item, followed up by Runaan's Hurricane. He then decides to purchase an Infinity Edge before grabbing a Quicksilver Sash and Zeal, which he likely would've finished into a Phantom Dancer or Rapidfire Cannon.

Ashe Build

This build allows Perkz to provide tons of utility for his team while still being a DPS monster in team fights, able to deal incredible amounts of damage to whoever he can get in range of. This build also provides a decent amount of cooldown reduction, allowing him to have his abilities, but most importantly his ultimate, on a lower cooldown, which allows him to use it to go for picks more often.


This Build on Ashe will usually have the advantage while taking trades in lane. This is due to her ability to kite her opponents, or keep them in range of her with her passive slow. She deals a moderate amount of damage and has a decent amount of poke with Volley. Try to poke your opponents and take advantageous fights with your support.

You can also help to set up a gank by slowing your opponents, or with an Enchanted Crystal arrow when you hit level 6. You'll usually see Perkz walking out of vision or into a bush in order to use Enchanted Crystal Arrow out of vision from his opponents, giving them less time to react and move out of its path.

Below is just one example of how Ashe can punish out of position players. Perkz and Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle use their slows to keep Team Liquid's Edward "Tactical" Ra and Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in from retreating, allowing Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski to come in for a gank and G2 to double kill them.

Here's another example of the same thing happening to G2. Carzzy keeps Perkz in combat for long enough to almost finish him off, making sure he can't join in on Jankos' gank attempt. Carzzy then switches his attention to Jankos and retains him slowed for long enough to make sure he isn't able to back out, forcing him to try and devote to killing Norman"Kaiser" Kaiser, but ends up with nothing.

Team combating with Ashe Build

Ashe likes to search for selections with her ultimate which, in turn, enables her staff to start off a fight pretty easily. When the fight's started, Ashe will normally sit on the outskirts of a struggle, hitting anyone she can without being in too much risk of dying. Ashe's job is to do as much harm as possible for as many targets as she can with assistance of Runaan's Hurricane, permitting her to keep Ranger's Focus up for almost the entire period of the majority of fights. It's near impossible for enemies to just run off from Ashe due to the potency of her slows, meaning she is very likely to be focused greatly and, with no escape gear, she is a bit of a sitting duck if left to her own devices.

That being said, our pros, such as Kaiser and Mikyx know this all too well, and understand how to keep their stay safe. If Ashe manages to melt through the front of the enemy team, she can normally wipe out a team -- or let her staff to -- together with her ability to perma-slow a team and stop them from fleeing.

Here through the Summer Playoffs, Carzzy lands a stun on Perkz with Enchanted Crystal Arrow, keeping him in position long enough for Carzzy to shoot him down. Carzzy then will help you to clean up the rest of G2 with the incredible team fight damage Ashe gets out of Ranger's Focus and Runaan's Hurricane combo.

Conclusion on this Ashe Build

Ashe Build is a utility concentrated marksman who has the bureau to carry games along with her ability to slow, stun, and melt the enemy team's gyms -- and of course her ability to discover enemies hidden in the fog of war together with Hawkshot. This capability gives her team a huge advantage in both the professional and personal play. If you are on the market for a brand new, enjoyable, utility-focused marksman who can aid your team to victory, then this Ashe Build might be exactly what you're looking for.

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